Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

The UK’s first Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week will be running between 1-7 May 2017, coinciding with the International Maternal Mental Health Day on May 3rd.

The week is being led by the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership (PMHP).

Across the partnership, charities and organisations are running exciting and interesting events to celebrate the week and support mums and their families.

During the week, PMHP are focusing on how and where mums can seek help and support for their mental health. Women and their family and friends need to know where they can find help and support for perinatal mental health problems. To help with this, PMHP are going to have themed days on their social media channels.

Themed days :

01st May –  They will be sharing information on the different maternal mental illnesses and will share details of charities, organizations and support groups services . This will let parents know on the day what is out there across the UK.

02 May – They will be sharing information on how to access support from health care professionals.

They will be running two Facebook Live sessions – with Dr Wendy Jones , the widely recognized Pharmacist who runs the the Breastfeeding and Medication website , to provide a session on safe antidepressants to take while nursing.

This will take place via the Facebook Page for the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership at 7pm on 2nd May.

With the GP Stephanie De Giorgio about how to approach healthcare professionals for help. It can be really daunting to pluck up the courage to open up to a doctor or health visitor and so discouraging when you do so and don’t get the help you need and deserve so we hope that some of the things we cover on the day will help.

This will take place via the Facebook Page for the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership at 11.30am on 2nd May.

03rd May – This is World Maternal Mental Health Day and PMHP will be encouraging the creation of a virtual positivity pot for people to dip into ( encouraging the use of the hashtag #perinatalpostivitypot ) and will be tweeting quotes from mums on what has helped them during their recovery.

04th May – PMHP will be posting about Self Care during the day – focusing on how it’s okay to focus on yourself and how to do this.

05th May – Tips and Tools to support recovery. To end the week on a positive note,  sharing some practical strategies for managing symptoms.

There will also be a #pndhour run by Rosey from PNDandme during each night of the week 8pm-9pm. Follow Rosey st @pndandme

If you want to keep up to with information, follow PMHP on Facebook via or on Twitter @pmhpuk

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