PhD studentship opportunity for midwives at Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University are offering a fully funded PhD studentship to a registered midwife 

PhD Studentship – The role of fathers/ partners supporting postpartum women with mental health problems

This is an exciting opportunity and will enable an aspiring individual to combine clinical practice with a research role, working across the University and Poole Hospital Trust. You will work with supervisors drawn from both academic and clinical institutions in a tri-partite arrangement, and will have access to a wide range of resources to support the project. Formal training in research skills, such as interviewing and focus groups, will be provided through Bournemouth University’s Centre for Qualitative Research and the Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit, with personal development through academic supervisors. You will be part of a large body of doctoral students in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, with access to Postgraduate lectures and support sessions.

This is a fully funded studentship with a stipend of £14,000 each year to support your living costs.

Project details

What are the perceived barriers to and benefits of (male) partners staying overnight for postnatal women with mental health problems?  The four research objectives assess the perceptions and feelings of:

  • hospital-based midwives about male partners of women staying to support women with mental health issues;
  • midwifery managers about male partners of women staying overnight?
  • pregnant women and new mothers about their own (& other women’s) male partners of women staying overnight?
  • male partners of pregnant women & new mothers about men (themselves and/or other men) staying overnight with their partner?

The successful candidate will spend two days per week working as a midwife at PHT and 3 days per week working on the PhD research study. You will be supported by an annual £14,000 stipend and an additional sum to support training and development costs during the Studentship.

View the full project description here.

The closing date for applications is 31 October 2016. To apply for this Studentship you must be a midwife or mental health nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (UK) and eligible to practice.


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