Perinatal Mental Health Fingertips Profile launched

Public Health England’s National Mental Health Intelligence Network (NMHIN)  has launched the new Perinatal Mental Health Fingertips Profile (click here to access).

About the new profile:

This profile was developed by the National Mental Health Intelligence Network.  The project is supported by NHS England and draws upon previous work undertaken in collaboration with the National Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network.

The profile is designed to support planners, providers and stakeholders to plan services, undertake needs assessments and benchmark against similar populations. It brings together available metrics around mental health in pregnancy, the postnatal period and babies aged <1 year. It includes metrics at local authority, CCG and Acute Trust level, organised across four domains: Demographics, Risk & related factors, Prevalence, Identification & access.

Future profile developments:

This is the first NMHIN profile to use data from maternity services and health visitor services specific to the perinatal period, and also related survey data on maternity service patient experience. This profile is described as prototype due to: 1) it making best use of limited metrics, including some items which are relatively new or experimental. 2) it not yet covering the treatment pathway – a fifth domain, Quality & outcomes, will be added.

Important data developments will help enhance this profile. They include: mental health service reporting on Mother and Baby Units, Adult Mental Health and Community Perinatal Mental Health services; linkage of the mental health services and IAPT data sets with maternity data; improved coverage of the maternity services data set, including reporting by CCG.

Webinar and feedback:

We plan to hold a webinar in the near future where we will provide a live demo on how to use the profile with an opportunity for Q&A and feedback.  We will be in touch with a calendar invite in the near future.

Apologies if this message has already reached you via multiple sources.  If you have any feedback or would like to receive further information or training in the use of this tool please contact us on [email protected].

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