New training course on paternal mental health

A new training course has been developed by Dr Jane Hanley and Mark Williams to cover the intricacies of paternal mental health, and the importance of being aware of how the perinatal period may also affect fathers.

Are you aware of Paternal Depression?
Do you understand the condition & consequences?
Do you require training in Paternal Depression?

This course is skills-based and is designed to build on health care worker’s knowledge about fathers’ mental health and to equip them with the necessary skills to help fathers during their partner’s pregnancy and the first year following childbirth. It includes understanding paternal depression, recognising depressive symptomology, causes and risk factors, mood assessment and management strategies.

The course now has accreditation with the Continuing Professional Development UK, and a total of 18 credits can be accumulated for the 2-day course

The course is interactive with exercises, scenarios and group work and is intended to provide the participant with a grounding in the role of fathers and paternal depression, to help them to understand the trajectory of the condition and to consider ways in which the participant can help families to overcome, what is often, a difficult time.

Dr Jane Hanley is the author of ‘Perinatal Mental Health’ and ‘Listening Visits’ the former President of the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental health and has been involved with promoting perinatal mental health for over 30 years

Mark Williams is an internationally invited speaker and a worldwide advocate for men suffering from Paternal Mental Illness.  Mark has published several published works on paternal depression.

Their one and two day courses are some of the VERY FEW ACCREDITED COURSES which explore and examine paternal mental health in depth. They are suitable for health professionals and those who work with fathers and their families
For further details please contact:
Jane –  07791 032 025    Mark –  07472 959 889
Jane – [email protected]     Mark –  [email protected]

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