New blog from the MABIM team

Following the announcement of the 20 areas to benefit from the new NHS England funding for specialist perinatal community teams, the Mothers and Babies in Mind blog has been updated.

Sally Hogg, Strategic Lead for the MABIM project reflects on the impact it will have locally but also considers the opportunity for areas who didn’t receive funding to prepare adequately for the next round of money next year.

As the areas who have benefited from this recent funding begin to develop their teams and consider the needs of local women and how to set services up to benefit them in the most effective and efficient way, we do hope they will make use of the forums on this site to share ideas, ask for assistance from others areas and generally communicate with each other.

It is an exciting time for community specialist services, but to ensure we turn the perinatal mental health maps green, we need those areas with experience and expertise to share their learnings to prevent repeat mistakes and wastage of time and resource.

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