Mental health starts in the womb

Mental Health Begins in the Womb

Why Mental Health Starts in The Womb conference?
We aim to raise the awareness of professionals working with parents and parents themselves of the importance of foetal development in the 9 months of pregnancy and infant development in the first few years of life. We want to promote family friendly policies and practice around pregnancy, birth and first two years of life for the wellbeing of all.

What is the plan of the conference?
The conference will have two parts.

In the morning we will hear international and UK experts speaking on the themes of the conference: emotional wellbeing for parents, carers, babies and infants in pregnancy and first two years of life. We will have evidence from top academics in their field and we will look at what is already happening nationally and what tools and services are available.

In the afternoon we will have workshops for parents and people working with families in the field of pregnancy, birth preparation and early parenting, as well as for third sector, statutory services and local authority representatives.

What is the purpose of the workshops in the afternoon?
We will be exploring how we can all work together to improve emotional wellbeing for every family from the beginnings of pregnancy. The aim of the workshops is to create a map of what services and pathways are currently available and to identify how we can work better together in filling gaps in the services.

Who is this conference for?
The conference is open to everyone interested in parenting as well as foetal and infant development. We welcome GPs, healthcare professionals, parents and expectant parents, third sector, statutory services and local authority representatives, and everyone working with families and in the field of pregnancy, birth preparation and early parenting.


Date: 09 November 2017
Time: 09:00-16.30
Location: The Pavilion, Reading
Speakers: Linda Dobraszczyk. Expert by Experience.

George Hosking OBE. The Wave Trust

Professor Jane Barlow, Oxford University

Professor Vivette Glover, Imperial College London

Caroline Schmeer and Sarah Smith,

Mark Williams. Expert by Experience.

Dr Andrew Mayers, Bournemouth University
Costs: £40-£70
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